Olga Beta - Free 3ds Max Project Manager

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Olga Beta - Free 3ds Max Project Manager


Olga is a simple maxscript based free 3dsMax Project Manager

Olga is a customizable two level (type/task) hierarchy pipeline, featuring tools and functionalities such as point cache management, scene locking mechanism, automatic versioning, smart incremental saving and scene/project archiving.

It's designed with small to medium teams and projects in mind, i.e. advertising.

It's currently under early developement, you may encounter some bugs so use it it at your own risk.

Olga is free ! But you can still donate some bucks ;)

Olga needs at least 3ds Max 2021.

Please note that Safe Scene Scripts Execution needs to be disabled from 3ds Max 2022.

Documentation under construction here:


Installation instructions:

  1. Fill in your eMail address to Gumroad and download
  2. Open 3ds Max
  3. Drag and drop "Olga_Install_v0.271.mzp"
  4. Restart 3ds Max
  5. Press Olga Open Icon and follow the instructions for licensing
  6. Enjoy!
I want this!
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